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  1. This website provides free information on how to prevent and treat Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). RSI is an umbrella term for a variety of pain in muscles, tendons and nerves. It is usually caused by repetitive movements performed over a longer period of time. This website focuses on the prevention and treatment of upper body pain in people who work on computers for several hours each day.
  2. I have also published the content as a book in September 2015, offered at a very affordable price. More information: World
  3. The reason for writing the book is that RSI sufferers usually want to spend as little time on the computer as possible.
  4. If you have a website/blog and would like to write a short review of my book (just a couple of sentences, don't worry), I am more than happy to send you a review copy free of charge. Please send me an email (, Clemens Conrad) with your postal address and URL of your website. I will post it via airmail (worldwide), so it should be at your place in a few working days.
  5. For illustration purposes you can use the image below or the plain book cover (front / back).
  6. After publication please send me the URL of your text.

RSI book Cover
The content of this website is also available as a printed book! Get a free review copy or order: World
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