Treatment / medication

Almost every doctor had a different idea to solve my problem. The following table is a chronological list of what I have done; with the respective failure/success. Duplicate treatments are listed just once.

Treatment / medication Impact felt
Initially avoided any activity with the hands The pain didn't become worse
Diclofenac gel for my forearms and ibuprofen 400 tablets for three weeks The swelling of my forearms decreased after three weeks
X-ray of wrist and elbow No abnormalities identifiable
3x cortisone injections in both elbows Pain-free for one day
Epicondylitis clasps for both arms None
Weeks of absolute rest (very little movement) Slight improvement
Neurological examination of the forearms No abnormalities identifiable
11x deep friction massages Less pain at times of rest
Strengthening exercises in a gym Significant deterioration, aborted
8x electrical muscle stimulation (forearms) Only short-term improvement
Wore wrist braces constantly for two weeks Slight improvement
Six weeks spirulina maxima algae tablets and essence of cilantro None
Hair and blood analysis (suspected heavy metal poisoning) Suspicion could not be confirmed
Food supplements (yeast, selenium, zinc, vitamin C) None
Running Temporarily completely free of symptoms (as with any other activity which increased blood flow to the forearms)
For acute symptoms: cold water (or hot-cold contrast baths) Short-term relief
Spinal adjustments, osteopathic treatments Slight (temporary) improvement
Massaging various trigger points Slight improvement
MRI of the cervical spine Tightly curved cervical vertebrae, but no other abnormalities identified
Standing upright, stretching neck muscles Less neck pain
Exercises to stabilize the back area, sitting ball in my home office No more back and neck pain
Neck and back massage Slight improvement
Stretching exercises for both arms Increased the pain in my wrists, therefore abandoned after two days
Blood test (arthritis, rheumatism ...) No abnormalities
MRI of the right wrist with contrast agent No abnormalities
Piroxicam 20mg tablets Less pain
PH-examination of my blood Rather sour, but still within the tolerance range

Ergonomic working posture, ergonomic equipment, regular breaks, stretching, strengthening, nerve mobilization, stimulating blood flow and massaging of specific trigger points (supported by a physical therapist)

Slow, but steady recovery
Erase pain memory Final improvement

The strengthening exercises I performed in a gym were started too early. They could have been helpful, but my muscles were already too weak. Furthermore, I initially did the stretching exercises too intensely.

Some other treatments were also helpful. But since there was no "master plan" and no one told me that the treatment could take half a year or longer (the most common information was 2-3 weeks), I stopped the massages, stretching etc. too early. I was also very confused from contradictory recommendations (complete rest <=> stretching exercises).

The website of Justin Bennett and the book "It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!: RSI Theory and Therapy for Computer Professionals" gave me hope that I'm on the right track. Those two sources of information were the reason why I created this website: to provide fellow sufferers with sensible tips for the prevention and treatment of RSI.

The exercises described on this website are usually sufficient for the prevention and cure of mild cases of RSI. If you are in a stage of chronic pain you should definitely consult an appropriate health professional. Ideally, he or she has already successfully treated other RSI patients.

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