General information (english)

Clay Scott A lot of important information on one comprehensive page

Harvard RSI Action A very good information resource

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Society Blog about TOS/RSI

Safe Hands (Twitter / website) UK based display screen equipment risk assessor

RSI Tips by a fellow sufferer (Mike has also developed the break reminder software "Albion StopNow")

Tendonpain: Website and Facebook page about chronic tendon pain

Information in other languages

German German: Several links can be found on my independent German RSI-website

Dutch Dutch: RSI Vereniging

RSI support groups (online)

Email (private): Sorehand Email list for discussion of repetitive strain injuries

Facebook (private): RSI and musculoskeletal disorder support group (other country-specific subgroups available)

Facebook (public) & UK: RSI Action on Facebook (they also have a regular website)

RSI support groups (offline)

United States San Francisco Bay Area: East Bay RSI Support Group

United States Salt Lake City RSI support group: Please contact Lawrence Contact Lawrence

United Kingdon UK & Facebook: RSI Action on Facebook (they also have a regular website)

United Kingdon, London London: Central London RSI Support Group

Australia Australia: RSI and Overuse Injury Association of the ACT (and on Facebook)

Success stories

Other personal stories on this website

How I beat RSI Justin Bennett's website was the first which gave me hope that I can fully recover

Judith Kay Professional guitarist

Evan Software developer

TMS success stories

Other personal stories on this website

TMS Wiki Numerous success stories + 6 week structured educational rogram

TMSHelp Forum Numerous success stories

Rachel's RSI homage to Dr. John Sarno Very good summary Pain free with increased blood flow

Andrew (part 2) Social Media Consultant

Jim Freshman in college

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