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Unfortunately pain which accumulated over years cannot heal overnight; sufferers often fight for several weeks, months or even years. When setbacks occur during this time, one begins to doubt the ability of one's body to heal. Especially in these difficult times it is important not to lose a positive attitude. It helps immensely to read personal stories of former sufferers.

Some former sufferers have published their stories on their personal websites. You can find the links here. But not everyone has the desire, time or the technical knowledge to publish his/her experiences on the internet. If you had problems with repetitive strain injury and you could significantly reduce the pain or are even symptom-free and want your healing strategies shared with other sufferers? Just write me an email with your story, if you want it to be published here. Please write whether you want it to be published under your (fore)name or anonymously. If you have a website, feel free to insert a link into your story.

Since 2015 there is an additional incentive for sending in your own story (besides helping fellow sufferers): I will reward each published text with a $10 Amazon.com email voucher (if you aren't living in the US, I will send you a voucher of your local Amazon).

Your story could include:

  • Type and location of the pain
  • Time frame of the strain and (main) cause, e.g. Software developer for 15 years
  • Treatment / medication
  • Experiences with doctors
  • Time frame of the pain
  • Suggestions for activities with no or little hand use

The stories labeled with TMS deal with psychosomatic causes. You can find more information about Tension Myositis Syndrome on the page causes. Psychosomatic induced pain might heal much faster than physical induced pain.

This English translation of my German website was first published in October 2014. Those seven stories with an older date have been copied from the German website.

Date /
Timeframe of the pain Cause Diagnoses / symptoms
(link to the story)
31 Oct 2015
26 Years   Office work, writer A Veterans Guide To Surviving Repetitive Strain Injury
31 May 2015
2 Years   Programming/playing games Inflammation, pain, numbness
8 Nov 2014
8 Years   Programmer Wrist pain/irritation
3 Nov 2010
2 Years Office work, insufficient blood flow Bilateral wrist pain
3 Nov 2010
2 Years Office work, stress (founding of a software company) Bilateral wrist pain
2 Nov 2010
6 Months Office work, stress (project deadline, wedding, internship) Carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fascitis
19 Oct 2010
10 Months Office work Wrist pain (incl. carpal tunnel surgery)
4 Oct 2010
2 Years Office work Arm and knee pain
3 Oct 2010
1 Year   Office work (student) Forearm and wrist pain
2 Oct 2010
2 Years Arbeit als IT-Manager Pain in backs of hands

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