Medical diagnoses

During my illness I have visited several primary care physicians, orthopedists, osteopaths, a chiropractor, two neurologists, a sports physical therapist, two physical therapists, a masseuse, a homeopath, the hand surgery of a renowned hospital, the orthopedics department of another hospital, a pain therapist and a psychologist.

With two exceptions, no one knew the term RSI. Even worse, several times I was told that pain due to excessive computer use cannot occur! At the same time they found several (alleged) other problems. The diagnoses from some doctors were correct, but described only parts of my problem. Incidentally, there was no difference between private and public medical care.

Diagnoses in chronological order (same diagnoses from different doctors are listed just once):

  • Tendon irritation
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Thoracic and cervical spine blockages
  • Irritated nerves in the forearm
  • Tilting the head results in "deactivating" some arm muscles
  • Pronation of the cervical spine
  • Lumbar fixation; cervical spondylosis; shoulder-arm syndrome, myogelosis, myalgia
  • Paresthesias in both arms
  • Unclear wrist symptoms on both sides
  • Too tightly curved cervical vertebrae
  • Persistent epicondylitis radialis combined with myofascial pain, muscular imbalance, nerve root compression ruled out, cervical spine dysfunction C5 / 6
  • Chronic wrist instability
  • Various shortened muscles
  • Muscle trigger points in the region of both forearms and finger extensors (in accord with Travell and Simons)
  • Significant, autonomic dysregulation with excessive skin reaction to pressure and touch (redness) and very pale hands, looking like a glove
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