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26 February 2020

Book review

"What he’s compiled is the most useful resource book on Repetitive Strain Injury available."

RSI-Magazine (RSI vereniging, Netherlands)

Dezember 2016, pages 20-21

Book review

IN HAND: The Newsletter of the RSI and Overuse Injury Association of the ACT (Australia)

April 2016

Book Review

" covers a lot and would be very helpful to many people with RSI. (...) Definitely recommended!"

RSI-Magazine (RSI vereniging, Netherlands)

March 2016

News: New RSI book and website

8 February 2016

Book Review

"Clemens has created a wonderful plan benefiting any repetitive stress injury sufferer."

East Bay Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group

1 December 2015

Recommended Reading

"...there is much of value in this small tome, and it is great that it is offered for free online"

RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury caused by electronic gadgets, laptops, PC's and mobile phones

2015, Page 59, ISBN 1910941409, IMB Publishing (price: )

Chapter 5. Preventing Repetitive Strain Injuries: Computer Workstation Setup


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