Far-infrared healing pad for wrist pain

Date: 8 November 2014
Name: Steven
Website: aliviya.nl (jade healing pad)

Dear Clemens,

I looked at your website and i'm impressed how much effort you have taken to help others with relieving their pain. Whereever possible i favour self-cure over the passive attitude of expecting healthcare professionals to improve one's health, and your book offers very concrete support for this self-help.

I would like to report my cure for the RSI in both my wrists.

Being a programmer, i spend many years working with mouse and keyboard, and about 10 years ago my right wrist started to become irritated. I solved it by using the mouse with my left hand and that solution worked well for a couple of years.

But since i'm right-handed, using the mouse with my left hand caused double strain, and after a few years my left wrist also started to become irritated. From then on i used two mouses, whichever hand was least painful was doing the mousework.

About one and an half year ago i dicovered a cure for my wrists. My mother had arthroses in her knee, and because of the good experiences i had in the past with warm jade stones treatment, i decided to develop a jadestone warmpad for her knee. While testing this i noticed that the specific far-infrared warmth of it gave immediate relief to my wrists. 

Far-infrared has many beneficial effects, amongst which a strongly improved blood circulation. This specific warmth vitalizes any cells in the body, thereby giving a boost to the self-healing processes which the body always attempts.

So I made two jade warmpads, one for each wrist, and applied them every morning for a few hours while working at the computer. Every day the pain became less, and after maybe 10 days i did not need them anymore to work painfree.

Since then the RSI pain has come back slightly a few times after working too many hours at the computer. I then applied the jade pad and again the pain was removed. 

It seems to me that the abuse of my wrists for so many years has done some damage there which cannot be completely undone, but by reducing the number of hours of using the mouse and applying the jade warmpad to remove the pain when it came back, i now found a solution which allows me to always be able to use a computer without having pain.

Recently i created a website Aliviya.nl from where the jade healing pad can be purchased.
The site is not yet complete, but it works already so i published it anyway.

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